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Child Born Overseas to Foreign Parents on Australian Student Visa

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Hi all,

I am a post graduate student in Melbourne on a subclass 500 visa. I had my wife's data mentioned as a part of my visa application and we were granted visa simultaneously last year (till 2021). Now we have had a baby born overseas (in Pakistan), and want to apply for the visa of the new born. Can somebody please guide as to what exactly we would need to do in this matter?

We have got the child's passport and other identity documents, and also private health insurance cover. Is the visa process for our child as simple as filling a form 1022 or do we need to apply for a separate subclass 500 dependent visa? I am finding it difficult to find this information online. Any information regarding this will be highly appreciated.

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From the Home Affairs website:

"A subsequent entrant application can be made using Immi Account if you were declared as a family member on the original application. Log in to Immi Account to find the Subsequent entrant application.If you were not included in a previous application you may need to apply for a child visa."

My own interpretation is a new child visa since as a newborn you could not have mentioned them in your initial application but I could be wrong
Hi zol,

Thank you for your reply. I have checked; the child visa (subclass 101) is only for a child who has at least one parent as an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. In our case, we are both Pakistani nationals and we could not possibly have mentioned our child details in out initial application. Therefore, I am a bit confused as to what exactly do I need to do for this.

Any help would be appreciated.
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