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Hi evryone here
I needed some advise or share experiences that you have gone through same situation like me please please....

My first child lives in Bangladesh with his mum, we've been divorced for about 6y now. child visa applications lodged few months back along with all relevant documents including an affidavit( satatutory declareation) from my ex-wife attached with all ID as required of her to support consent that she has no objections to take child with father

However; I just received an email from Case officer to provide a custody order from court, I just paste here the request from department:

2. Please provide a Custody Order from courts. Please provide Form J63 -
Certificate of order of appointment of guardian issued by the court
(This certificate/order should be signed by the Judge who declared
the verdict).

3. Full custody order with the detailed court proceeding.

My question is that do I really need custody order from court even though we did not go through Court for this matter?

If yes need to provide as requested from department than I must file a case in the court and wait until decisions made which would take more or less a year to get custody order

My son is under 18 years of age. Is any other options to make case officer convinced? What should I do

Please help me..
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