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Hello Experts,

I am planning to apply the Australia PR (189 Category). I have few clarifications regarding it. Could you please guide me on the below points.

1. For how much time ACS and PTE / IELTS score are valid.
2. I am applying for ANZSCO code - 261311 (Analyst programmer and have already got my skills verified from ACS). so what are the minimum points required THESE DAYS to get the invitation (Currently i am having total of 60 points).

I am also planning to claim partner's 5 points (Secondary Applicant) which have 2 major conditions i.e. partner must have IELTS 6+ score and their skill needs to be on occupation list that is on the same skilled occupations list as primary applicant nominated occupation.

My spouse is a Chatered accountant with total 3 years of experience and i am a software consultant by profession.

3. Do me and my parter are on the same occupation list, from where i can check the same.
4. Is there any minimum experience of partner (Secondary applicant) required, to claim his/her points.
5. As checked on various portals, accountants are getting invitation on 70 + points these days, while software consultants are getting the invite at 60 + points. So does the combination of skill assessment of both increases the over all points required or it just depends on the points of primary applicant.

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.
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