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Hi All,

Am Abraham,aged 35, a software engineer with over ten years experience in the industry.My wife is also into software with 6 years experience, aged 30.We have a daughter who is 2 years old.

Am in need to clear advise on how I should be going about sc189 visa.

I have scattered set of experience which lies with multiple companies.
Firstly I need advise on how I can get statutory declaration for job/work experiences.

Company1 07/01/2006 07/13/2007 13 Months

Company2 08/01/2008 09/30/2009 20 Months - Contractual-Full time to client - UAE

Company3 - worked as contractual and permanent for same company
Contractual 05/10/2010 01/10/2011 8 months
Permanent 01/17/2011 01/31/2012 12 Months

Company4 1/02/2012 till date - 69 months

Total Months 13+20+8+12+69 = 122 months 10 years

How do I prepare statutory declaration for the work experience mentioned above?

I have only generic experience letters without roles and responsibilities.

What are my chances of getting SC189? How easy is getting job on SC189?
What are the best possible solutions for getting job/better points etc.

Please advise.

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