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Complicated situation - WHV Visa > ?

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Hello everyone.

Like everyone else on this forum, I am stressed about my options.

I am currently here on a WHV that ends Nov 2018. I have met someone that I want to be with and therefore would like an extended Visa, preferably permanent.

My issues are currently:

1. I am a nurse but feel that my skills assessment will not be positive due to lack of experience and other things.

2. Partner Visa - we have not lived together for more than 12 months. I am tempted to lodge the application at the end of my WHV and stay on the bridging Visa and then appeal the decision when it’s declined - or reapply for another Partner Visa if possible.
I’m in WA which does not recognise registered relationships for migration purposes.

3. WHV 2nd year - again, tempting, but due to work commitments for the next 5 months i’m unable to work on a farm. I may be able to though, but 3 months away will be hard.

4. I have heard that obtaining a Student Visa / Visitor Visa after a WHV is difficult and risky. I am leaning towards a Student Visa however through Brightannica. I would like to study more anyway, and even although I have a degree already i’m happy to do a course on a lower level.

I would really appreciate any advice. Money is relatively short, time is short.
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The easiest solution is to do the 3 months of regional work. Yes it's not ideal to be away from your partner that long but a LOT of applicants have had to sacrifice much more time away from their loved ones in order to reach the long-term goal of a visa.
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