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Complicated situation - WHV Visa > ?

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Hello everyone.

Like everyone else on this forum, I am stressed about my options.

I am currently here on a WHV that ends Nov 2018. I have met someone that I want to be with and therefore would like an extended Visa, preferably permanent.

My issues are currently:

1. I am a nurse but feel that my skills assessment will not be positive due to lack of experience and other things.

2. Partner Visa - we have not lived together for more than 12 months. I am tempted to lodge the application at the end of my WHV and stay on the bridging Visa and then appeal the decision when it’s declined - or reapply for another Partner Visa if possible.
I’m in WA which does not recognise registered relationships for migration purposes.

3. WHV 2nd year - again, tempting, but due to work commitments for the next 5 months i’m unable to work on a farm. I may be able to though, but 3 months away will be hard.

4. I have heard that obtaining a Student Visa / Visitor Visa after a WHV is difficult and risky. I am leaning towards a Student Visa however through Brightannica. I would like to study more anyway, and even although I have a degree already i’m happy to do a course on a lower level.

I would really appreciate any advice. Money is relatively short, time is short.
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1. Can't comment without knowing the details, but it can be complicated to get the skills assessments.
2. Getting married would have the same effect, as far as the visa is concerned, as registering the relationship.Lodging an application that can't be granted and relying on the AAT is not a strategy I'd propose. You must make sure you meet the relationship requirements at time of application.
3. Getting a second WHV will solve all your problems.
4. Your main issue is that you are in a relationship with an Australian, so it will be difficult to argue that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant. It might be worth looking into bridging courses for nurses though, as that could possibly be a legitimate pathway.
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