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Greetings all!

So, my partner and I have been together since 15 July, 2019. We've lived together since September and I'm leaving to go back to the US in a week due to visa expiry. Our plan is for me to come back, get married, and lodge an 820 in the middle of next year (utilizing a migration agent). We've already been intertwining our lives in preparation for the choppy waters that are the partner visa process and will continue to do so, but I had a few concerns when looking into it again today.

First, my partner is on Disability pension and is unable to work. I noticed in the 40SP form that there is a financial assessment and I'm just wondering: Can she even pass this assessment and is she eligible to sponsor? She meets all of the other criteria.
Second, is Assurance of Support still necessary for the 820 Onshore Partner subclass? I noticed on the Human Services site (Assurance of Support > How It Works) that the Partner visas aren't mentioned as mandatory or discretionary AoS candidates. If it's not mandatory, is it possible to waive the financial support test with an Assurer? I've got more than enough money to pay someone to hold the bond.
Third, I've been reading about the proposed changes to the Partner Visa sponsorship process, wherein the Sponsor would need to file a separate application for approval before the Applicant Partner could lodge theirs. This is supposedly going to take effect in April 2020 for the Sponsored Parent (870) visa and will eventually be rolled out to Partner visas (SeekVisa's page on the 820/801 Partner visa for brief, quote posted below). Obviously, no one has timelines on these things, but how long does the Australian government usually take to roll out these changes? We were planning to file in September/October 2020 to give time for the wedding, get family involved, etc and I won't even be back until February or March.

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong section, but I'm curious if anyone has navigated #1 and #2 or if any agents can weigh in on #3.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice :)

SeekVisa Blurb on Changes:
Important changes ahead:

The new sponsored family visa and approval of family sponsor changes commence on 17 April 2019. We have been notified that these changes will NOT affect Partner visas on 17 April 2019 and that current arrangements will continue to operate.

At this stage, there is no time-frame for expansion of the new sponsorship framework to other family visas and therefore the current arrangements for existing visas, including partner visas, will continue to operate from 17 April 2019.

At this stage the new changes to Sponsored family visa's, scheduled to commence on 17 April 2019 will only be implemented for the new Sponsored Parent (Temporary) 870 visa.

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1) there is no financial assessment
2) no
3) impossible to answer.
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