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i am in the process of filing up ACS but was wondering if somebody can help me understand the criteria for defining select a course as ICT major or minor.

263111 - Computer Network and Systems Engineer Plans, develops, deploys, tests and optimizes network

My BE included the below subjects:

a. Digital Circuits & Systems
b. Computer System & organization
c. Data Communication
d. Digital circuit systems 2
e. Data Structure
f. Communications Network
g. Digital Signal processing
h. Microwave Engineering
i. Optical Communication
j. Computer Networks
k. VLSI Design
l. Microprocessor & interfacing
j. Principles of management & managerial economics
k. Antenna & wave communication
l. Computer programming

As per the ACS guidelines, there are a lot of subjects mentioned which are relevant.

Description of Closely Related Core ICT Units:
• Computer Communication
• Computer Network Design
• Computer Network management
• Computer Network programming
• Computer Network protocols
• Data communications - (WAN, LAN)
• Distributed Computing
• Mobile technologies
• Operating systems - (Unix, Linux, Xenix, Network OS)
• Systems Software
• Wireless technologies - (Wireless Communication, Microwave Communication)
Description of Additional Closely Related ICT Units:
• Assembler Languages - (Assembler Programming)
• Client / Server related hardware and software
• Client / Server Architecture
• Communications Engineering
• Computer Logic Design
• Computer organization
• Digital and signal processing
• Digital circuits - (VLSI Design, Integrated Circuit Design)
• Digital technology
• Introduction to ICT - (Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Theory, Introduction to Business Computing,
Computer Science I)
• Microprocessors
• Microwave technology
• Network Component technologies
• Network security
• Optical communication technology
• Peripherals and Interfacing
• Project Management
• Satellite communications
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