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Hi everyone,
I am British.
My wife is in Australia with a PR.
Both my sons are citizens in Australia.

I live and work in the Middle East at the moment.
I have applied for a Contributory Parent Visa (PR), but it will possibly take another two years for process.

My wife has been diagnosed with a serious illness and I would like to go to Australia to care for her.

My questions are;
Can I enter Australia on my evisitor visa and do the visa run things every three months till my PR is issued?
Is there a visa I can apply for that will allow me to stay in Australia without the three month limit?

I am 63 years old so was going to retire when the visa was issued and everything was lined up. With my wife's illness this has thrown me a bit of a curved ball and I am not sure of the way forward.
With my visa in process I am also keen to remain absolutely with the letter of the law.

Thanks a lot.............Chris Henderson
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