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Contacting case officer about work opportunity (spouse visa)

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I am UK citizen married to an Australian. In February 2018 we submitted a complete offshore spouse visa application (including health and police checks). We were assigned a case officer a month later who has only contacted us once to clarify the status of an identity document.

I am a specialist doctor and the hospitals in Australia only recruit at certain times of the year. If I miss the next round I could be unemployed for 6 months or more as I'd like to come to Australia as shortly after my visa is granted to be with my spouse.

Can I inform the case officer about this work situation and what is the best way to do it?
I am worried that we will appear to presumptuous or appear to be rushing the case officer.

Thanks for your help.
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Thank you both for your response.

Unfortunately no.

It seems like the only thing we can do now is wait.
It won't hurt to bring this to the attention of the processing centre, if you could get a supporting letter from the potential employer, emphasising that it will benefit Australia.. It is not likely to have much effect, but you never know, you might get lucky.
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