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Dear everyone at Oz Forum,

Need your guidance about my following visa condition!:confused: Its very critical and urgent! Thanks already! :)

Visa 485 (Temporary Graduate Visa) refused.
As a result Section 48 applies (means I cannot apply for 485 again while I am Oz).

The department stated:
The letter of evidence of qualification confirms that you did not complete this degree in the period of 6 months ending immediately before the day the application was made. Therefore your Master of Information Systems qualification cannot be used in and by itself towards meeting the Australian study requirement for this visa. :eek:

Last exam written: 14/02/2019
Final result declared: 21/02/2019
TR applied: 6/03/2019
Course Completion date granted: 11/03/2019
Student Visa expired on 15/03/2019


My partner is on 485 and is valid until 09/2020. We are in process to apply for our TR as de-facto. The remaining process will take around 6-10 months. We are getting our skills assessed by ACS and are at 80 points cumulative.

We have also applied at AAT for review (to 'buy' time until the case is picked and possibly overturning the decision). AAT usually takes around 400+ days to review. It may be sooner too??!!

I am planning to:
Step 1. I should leave Au by converting my current Bridging Visa A to B (BVB).
Step 2. Apply for priority visitors visa - return to Australia after a brief 'holiday'.
Step 3. Since Section 48 is no longer applicable, apply for 485 again.
Step 4. Hurray! Back on track! :D

Q1) Should we just focus on our PR since AAT would certainly take longer than when we are granted the PR? Does AAT take that long ALWAYS?

Q2) Before we go through this gruelling process, that's very costly, your opinion about this will be very helpful since it will strengthen our though process. Is it foolproof?

Q3) Is there any other route that we should consider?

Q4) What documents should we present at Step 2 (visitors visa)? Since my partner is working currently on 485, any documents of her may help?

Please suggest! Thanks heaps!!

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So even after a refusal, you are not considering professional assistance , but seeking advice on a public forum instead ?
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