Mr. Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister has started to campaign for the Labor Party. He had just undergone gallbladder surgery and in his first interview since his convalescence, he urged voters to get behind the government of his successor, Julia Gillard.

In an interview, Ms. Gillard welcomed the support of the man she deposed as she recognized that ''we are well and truly the underdog in this campaign''. Polls have indicated that the Coalition party led by Mr. Tony Abbott holds a slight edge over the Labor Party. She also said that Mr. Rudd's support would be invaluable in areas such as Queensland where the polls indicate that her party would stand a number of seats in the State.

''As someone who has served as prime minister, who is well known to Australians and, in particular, is well known to Queenslanders as a leading Queenslander, it's important for him to be visibly supporting my re-election and he's indicated he will be,'' she said.

Mr. Rudd urged voters to forget what had happened to his leadership. It is to be remembered that Ms. Gillard replaced Mr. Rudd in a midnight deal to save the government. He said in a radio interview that "the team comes first" and there were "bigger things at stake than K. Rudd's future."

Both leaders criticized the current economic promises being made by Mr. Abbott. Ms. Gillard attacked the supposedly conservative costings made by the Coalition party would be just half of what the projected surplus her economic policy would be counting by the year 2013 to 2014. She also said that the promised $3.3 billion for the paid parental leave scheme would leave the government coffers in a deficit.

On Mr. Rudd's part, he called out Mr. Abbott for his continued dodging of questions on his economic package. He said the future leader must answer questions, which affects each and every Australian in the future. He criticized the campaign being conducted was short on solutions and heavy on hindsight. Mr. Rudd ended his critique saying that he did not want to see Mr. Abbott slide into office and health permitting, would be attending important Labor Party campaigns especially the party launch on August 16.