darwin200The most populous city in the Northern Territories is the city of Darwin. Despite this distinction, compared to other Australian capital cities, Darwin is home to the smallest population. One of its main industries is tourism and attracts many thousands of visitors each year because of the natural environs in and around the city.

Residential Places in Darwin

Darwin as a residential area provides not only easy access to the city center but provides stunning views of the ocean. Darwin and its surrounding areas are shaped in a triangular form, with the older southwestern suburbs and the city as one corner, the newer northern suburbs in another while the eastern suburbs form the third corner. Residential housing is an ever-steady increasing demand as new units are snapped up as soon as they become available. The shortfall though does not affect too much as residential homes in Darwin is still much cheaper compared to the other capital cities in Australia. While Sydney properties go as high as $10,000 per square meter while in Darwin, the price is pegged at $5,000. As the market boom is forecasted to come very soon, the investment in property in Darwin will surely yield returns in the long run.

The most affluent neighborhoods in the city of Darwin are the Larrakeya and Brinkin in the city. These low lying regions are subjected to cyclones and high tides but remain one of the most expensive real estate in the city. On the other hand, the eastern suburbs of Malak and Karam are the inner city lower income residential areas in the city.

Hospitals and Universities of Darwin

The major public hospital in Darwin is the Royal Darwin Hospital. This is operated by the Health and Community Services Department of the Government of the Northern Territory. The other major medical facility is the Darwin Private Hospital.

The school system in Darwin comprises of thirty-five primary and pre-schools with twelve secondary schools which are either public or privately funded. Most of the schools are secular but there are sectarian private schools in the city. Once they have completed their secondary education, the student receives the Northern Territory Certificate of Education.

The major educational institution in the city is the Charles Darwin University. This higher educational institution provides TAFE courses, the vocational educational option in Australia. The current student enrollment in the university is 5,500.

Commercial Places in Darwin

The city's main economic sources are mining and tourism resulting in more than $2.5 billion per annum. The mining industry provides much of the energy production, which consists of oil and natural gas from the Timor Sea. As for tourism, this industry employs nearly 8% of all the residents in the city, making it the largest employer in the area.

The primary attractions for Darwin are the natural attractions of the surrounding area. In the city though, there is a great number of commercial attractions for shopping such as the Mindil Beach Sunset Market, with its curio shops and specialty stores selling indigenous handicraft. Another must go shopping center is the Casuarina Square with its many department stores, jewelry shops and food establishments.

Moving to Darwin

In moving to Darwin, the slow lifestyle and idyllic setting does not relieve you of the many things you need to prepare for when immigrating to this part of Australia. Here is a short list of things to be on top of when immigrating to Darwin, or for any other city in Australia:
  • You need to personally pack your things and hire a professional to move your personal belongings overseas. Packing your stuff correctly lessens the chance of breakage during transport while a moving company will have the expertise to handle all the necessary documentation and hassle with handling these kinds of shipments.
  • You need to notify everyone of your change of address in order to wind up things in your old home. These include all the utilities bills, bank statements and work matters as these parties would be adversely affected with the changes to be made. Also, having closed all the accounts and other business can only indicate that you have been a dutiful partner in business. In winding up affairs, do ask for certifications as these will be pivotal in restarting your life Down Under.
  • Finding a school, especially if you have minor children is also one of the things you need to prepare for even before you move to Darwin. Since it is mandated that all minor children be in school, it is important you find one before your move. Also, the school needs to be conveniently located from your new neighborhood and of top notch quality to help in the guidance and growth of your child in Australia.
These three are but some of the simpler steps in preparation and execution of your move to Darwin. There are many other advisories as to the things you need to do when you immigrate. The important thing is that you have a list of things to be done to make your transition to Darwin as smooth and as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

Service Establishments of Darwin

The electrical supply for the city, as well as its water supply, is managed by the Darwin Power and Water Corporation. The company is owned by the Government of the Northern Territory. Aside from the water supply, the water containment and sewer management is also under their supervision. The largest water facility in the city is the Darwin River Dam. The biggest electricity supplier of the Northern Territory is the Channel Island Power Station. To further the growth of the city, a new power plant has just come online. The Weddell Power Station provides thirty percent more electricity for the city's residential use.

Embassies in Darwin

The Honorary British Consul's office in Darwin is located at 30 The Mall, Austin Lane. They can be reached at (61) (8) 8941 6130 and you can fax them at (61) (8) 8941 6491 for consular inquiries and at (61) (8) 9224 4719 for commercial concerns. They can be reached online at [email protected]. The passport and visa and entry clearances and other concerns is handled by the British High Commission in Yarralumla.