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Days Lost and WTF+Update 1

13/01/17 Wife/daughter submit forms to Australian Consulate in Vietnam

19/01/17 Wife/daughter go for medical.

29/09/17 Wife recieves phone call from Case Manager;
· Why didnt wife go for her second Blood Test dated 23/01/17.
· Wife states she DID NOT recieve the Email nor any communication for a second Blood Test dated 23/01/17
· Australian Consulate Case Manager states we must email and request Immmigration to resend the email dated 23/01/17

-------- Days Lost - 250 days

03/10/17 I sent an email questioning the time period 24/01/17 to 29/09/17 of the missing email aslo asking to resend the email so Wifes Immigration process can proceed.

05/10/17 Wife gets email from Visa Officer, Consulate-General
· "I have checked with that office, they confirmed they have sent the form 884 to the email that you declared as preferred contact. Sometimes, the email may fall into Junk/Spam folder. "

--------Wife says Not a chance in hell she would miss that email

-------- Days Lost - 256 days

14/10/17 Wife goes to Medical Clinic

-------- Days Lost - 265 days

03/01/18 Email from Immigration;
· Wife has been evaluated by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) and has been assessed as NOT meeting the health requirement for the grant of Partner (Provisional) (class UF) Partner (Provisional) (subclass 309) visa.
· We have 28 days to submit a waiver of the Health Requirement on compassionate and compelling circumstances.
· Our daughter.

04/01/18/ Jump on this web site ask for help, MISH suggest a lawyer might help
· I think a lawyer might carry more weight.
· This could be tricky to navigate.
· The wife cant blame me if I stuff it up. lol

10/01/18 Contact a lawyer (many were closed because of Christmas/New Year holidays)
· I went with Peter Bollard in Sydney.
· Cost $2000 one off price, start to finish. Call anytime and ask advice and help.
· It takes the full 28 days getting all the paper work together

28/05/18 Email from Immigration;
· Wife and I need to redo National Police Check, 28 days time limit to submit
· Australia NPC state 15 days on the web site, on phone they say 20, took 28 days in Australia
· Vietnam NPC took 15 days including translating
· Daughter needs new Medical Examination, ran out January, 28 days time limit to submit
· The PDF Immigration sent states Medical Examination "Completed".
· The PDF states, "If a health examination is listed as 'Completed' this means that there is an existing examination that can be re-used for this visa application"

12/06/18 Wife takes daughter to Medical clinic
· They say no Medical is needed, computer says it is completed
· Secretary at clinic says the expiry date of last medical is 2021
· I email lawyer explaining what they said and a copy of the E- Medical Information Sheet

20/06/18 Lawyer forwards my emaiI to Case Manager

-------- Days Lost - 273 days, lost 8 days to email Immigration

24/06/18 28 days time limit finished

04/07/18 Case Manager email Lawyer
· Expiry date the secretary stated was expiry date of daughters Passport. lol.
· A Medical is needed. last one expired January.
· 21 day extension to get new Medical
· Case Manager says this is the last document needed to make a decision

-------- Days Lost - 284 days

06/07/18 Wife calls both Medical clinic's in Ho Chi Minh
· Both Medical clinics say No Medical is needed computer says it is completed
· Both Medical clinics say Immigration needs to update and process on there end first
· I email Lawyer explain what happend on phone call to Medical clinics in detail

07/07/18 Lawyer forwards my emaiI to Case Manager

WTF is going on here with communication

Total days - 541
Days Lost - 284

Actual waiting Days - 257 Days

Update 1

09/07/18 Wife calls both Medical Clinics no change, daughter cant go.

11/07/18 So i found this passage on the Home affairs webpage. Assessment of Health Examination Results, "If the clinic advises that they have submitted your health results and they believe a system error has occurred, please ask the clinic to contact us directly via agreed eMedical support channels."
Wife calls Medical clinic, emails the web page to them... they say its not up to them to contact the Visa Office, its our problem.
30 Min later, Medical clinic calls back they talked to visa office and updated our daughters E - medical, can our daughter go for medical tomorrow. woohoo. a win.

Update 2

07/08/18 Email from Lawyer
Aust. Consulate sent this, Health Undertaking Form 815, My wife must agree that within 4 weeks of entering Australia she mush see a prescibed Dr. concerning her medical condition. Of course we agree....

10/08/18 Health Undertaking Form 815 signed and sent by registered post to Australian Consulate HCM.

10/09/18 Our baby girl,Hollie, turned two. I joked with my wife the best birthday present would be to have their visa's approved.

Guess what!!!!
11 September 2018 Partner (Provisional) (subclass 309): Granted for my wife and daughter..For first entry, must arrive by 11 June 2019

Tickets bought they will arrive early December 2018.

Total days - 606 or 1 year, 7 months, 29 days

Days Lost - 284 due to incompetence

Actual waiting Days - 322 Days

Cheers, Dean and Van

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LT2018 Thank you, its been very stressful on my wife. We are so close to all this being over. A 5 min phone call with our Case Manager could fix this problem with the medical for our daughter, I am sure our Case Manager will wait the full 21 day extension before reading my email and replying.

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I can imagine. I am originally from Vietnam too hence I know how slow things can be. Thats why I decided to apply a short term tourist visa for my dad to come here then my mum can sponsor him onshore. I know it might take 2 years or more but at least they are together. Hang in there, it will be sorted out at the end, just lots of effort and chase up I guess.

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Just some random thoughts here... after talking to some friends, Vietnamese and Australian, today.

I am very pissed off with our Case Officer. I think she is very incompetent, needs retraining and Grrr I am not happy....

BUT. Is that the case. Please tell me I am wrong and your thoughts.

I have spent some time in Vietnam..... and noticed people who have some power to wield.
I have seen;
Local government officials payed off.
Shady bussines deals over dinner.
Police take bribes, bike police on the road and higher level police over dinner.
Nepitism in well paying jobs
People jumping queue, (when there is one, in VN there are no queue's it's a free for all at the counter window with every one yelling and pushing there paper work in the window. Unless you know the person behind the counter)
A very bad knife attack go away with money.

What has this got to do with my Case Officer and Medical Clinic.

Any government job or agent related job ( especialy foriegn )is highly coveted in VN
Self Entitlement
Never admit you are wrong or dont know something, this is a big thing.
For lack of a better word " dont lose face". I know Japanese and Thai are big on this, but I didnt think VN were (stupid me, of course they are)

So what happened;

I feel, I backed my case officer into a corner. I told her 3 time what the problem was, but she didnt know how to fix it. She addresed the e-Medical passport expiry date but did not mention the true problem without going above her pay grade, which would cause her to admit she did not know her job to her superiors.

The Medical Clinic couldn't help, until I gave them a reason to call the Case Manager with a legitamit reason to do so. Backed up by the the web page I sent to them which gave a reason to follow up. And exonerted the Medical Clinic to simply passing on information.

The Medical Clinic told the Case Officer how to fix the problem. It doesnt go any higher, everything is sweet....My Baby goes for her medical

No one is at fault...................grrrrrr....................It is all in my head.
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