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You might have some evidence in the "to get us a place" stage.

Did you supply info to an agent to advise of type of place you were after with both your names - like a register of interest form or better still by email?

I advised my landlord via email that I was getting married and my fiancé ( then her name) and her two children (by names) will be moving in with us, I then asked if they needed to be added to the lease.

It did not matter how the landlord replied - it was evidence of our relationship.

This is a method of actively seeking evidence - I used the actual names to add more weight instead of wife and 2 children.
Do you have some ideas or suggestions if the 2nd criteria, i.e., 'documents to show you and your partner share financial responsibilities'? if the applicant does not have any source of income? no work due to visa limitation? Opening a joint bank account is pointless as there is no source of funds to deposit on the applicants behalf. Sponsor has been fully responsible for all expenses and gives applicant his credit/charge card for purchasing groceries and other household expenses.

Applicant, however has nominated sponsor as her (retirement fund) beneficiary and this has been documented.

How much evidence and support do you think its needed and can this lack of evidence be a deal breaker for the 820 visa application ?

Thank you in advance :)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
Not open for further replies.