New jobs adverts in Australia are increasing which means more job opportunities in the country with real estate and construction showing the biggest overall rise in demand.

There were 2.7% more new roles advertised on SEEK in April compared with the same month in 2015 and while the rate of growth has slowed, the trend data shows there is no sign of an overall decline in job advertising.

New South Wales and Victoria, the largest employing states, remain the driving force behind the strength of the overall labour market, according to the report. New South Wales job opportunities were up 8.4% year on year and Victoria up 4.4%.


"These are very solid growth figures and we consider these two states to be in a healthy position particularly as the job opportunities are coming from a broad range of industries," said SEEK managing director Michael Ilczynski.

He pointed out that South Australia represents the most exciting development in the performance of job advertising recording its third consecutive increase in job advertising, up 4.8%. He said this is a positive signal given the state has struggled economically for some time in delivering a noticeable increase in labour demand.

However, Queensland new job adverts are down from where they were a year ago. Ilczynski explained that while over half the industries in the state are showing positive growth in new job advert volume, this is weighed down by the declines in other industries such as insurance and superannuation and mining.

Western Australia remains the weakest market with new job adverts still well below levels seen a year ago. "The gap left in the West Australian market from the pull-back in mining investment has been hard to recover from. We have seen job opportunities impacted across almost all industries in the state, not just mining and resources," said Ilczynski.

Overall the report says that the continuing strength of the labour markets is fuelled by construction, and real estate. Indeed, across Australia new adverts for construction were up 12% and real estate up 10%.

Demand has increased across many real estate sectors, particularly commercial sales, leasing and property management, as well as retail and property development. However, Ilczynski noted that it was somewhat surprising that given the significant increase in new residential construction that there has not been an increase in residential leasing and property management.

"As the residential apartment projects complete over the next 12 months we may see this convert in to an increase in jobs in this sector," he added.

Industries that have shown the strongest year on year growth across Australia are science and technology, which is a relatively small employing industry at the moment but showing strong growth of 46%. In addition Government and defence is up 30%, design and architecture up 25%.

"It's encouraging to see an increase in science and technology roles. The jobs advertised in this industry cover laboratory analysts to PhD scholarship positions to research scientists." Ilczynski said.

The weakest sectors for advertising remain mining, resources and energy, banking and financial services, and insurance and superannuation.