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Hi everyone,

Just wondering what will happen with this situation.

My girlfriend (17) just received her dependent child visa (445) on the 23rd of Nov. She is now back in Brisbane. I am 19. Her mother also received her temporary partner visa (309).

We were planning on going on a trip (just me and my girlfriend) to the Gold Coast (50 minutes away) for 6 nights starting on the 3rd of Dec, and have booked the rooms already in my name

We are wondering if going to the Gold Coast will have an effect on the processing of the permanent partner visa (maybe 100) for my girlfriend's mother. Will the trip impact negatively on the decision at all? Is it illegal to go on this trip in this situation (because she is under 18?). She is four months away from turning 18.

If any more detail is needed I will provide some if available.


Edit: Girlfriend is currently living with her mother and stepdad, I am living with my parents and brother, not with my girlfriend.
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