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Hi Guys

I am on a 457 visa and I have recently lodged my partner's de-facto visa to become a dependent on mine.

I was just wondering how long it usually takes for it to come through

I know it's different in all cases, however we are in a genuine relationship, have used an immigration agent (the one who did my visa), have all documents i.e. joint bank account statements, leases, photographs etc.

There's only one thing that is worrying me - My partner got into a fight early this year - he was defending himself and I as someone was intimidating me in a nightclub and he got started on.
He had to go to court and got charged with assault - Outcome was a fine and a two year good behavior bond, it is very unlike him!

Has anyone been in a similar situation?
Can anyone put my mind at rest because it is all I have been thinking about day in day out and it's driving me crazy :(

Thank you in advance for all your help

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