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Hi all!

Applying for pmv 300 and am currently filling out the forms. Need some clarity and help.

In the checklist (found a 2012 one) it states that the applicant and sponsor both have to provide a relationship history- how we met, relationship developed etc.
In form 47 it has the same question:
- Give details of the development of the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor.

What's the difference between the word statement and the question in form 47sp? Does that mean the applicant does not need to write a statement as they answered the question in the form? Or is the form a general take on the relationship and we have to each be more specific in our statements.

Also when it came to answering your relationship questions how did you answer it?
ie John proposed to Sarah - sounds less personal but easier to differentiate and identify parties
I proposed to Sarah - sounds more personal

Thank you so much for your help! :)
This section irritated me a lot for various reasons - firstly I thought it was unnecessarily personal for an official document and secondly because one of us was married when we met and I didn't want any judgment around that
to impact on our application. Anyway, after much research we decided they're trying to verify two things:
- you didn't meet on a 'Sexy Brides for Sale' -type website
- you are both saying more or less the same thing - ie its true.
So we gave very little detail. We wrote in first person "We met .../ I proposed .." etc. And our application was approved.

(Btw can I suggest you get a more updated checklist than 2012 - some stuff has changed since then.) The online application pretty much serves as its own checklist.)

Good luck!
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