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Thanks for reply. What I did is , Threw her out from unit. I had a talk with my consultancy and they gave me two options.

1. When you lodge visa next time , just put your name while extending, after that she will be illigal here.

2. On mutual understanding , divorce her and let her stay here and she has to study and has to change her visa to student.

I know she won't go back home. May be she will choose 2nd option.

Is there any other option that I might not know and my consultant might not explained about ?

The main thing that scares me that about permanent residency . Like how it's going to hamper me later to get it.

Thanks everyone. Hope for your help.
You have nothing to loose mate. You should ring immigration that the marriage is finished. You have seperated from her and file for divorce. You have nothing to worry about if she didn't sign the divorce paper. As soon u extend your visa in 2019 without her name on it... she will overstay and be deported or leave Australia at her will

Failing to report your separation from her might harn you.
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