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Hi All,

Wondering if i can gain some insight on hiring a migration agent vs completing application on your own.

Applying for a partner visa- i think my case is straight forward.

no criminal record, both never married, no kids.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Both over the age of 27.
However, marriage was arranged and partner lives in "high risk" country (only thing i can thing of that might complicate application).

Is it worth hiring a migration agent if it's a straight forward case?
I think it depends on what your priorities are. Many of my clients do not have 'difficult' cases, but they have busy lives and would prefer a professional to manage the process for them rather than trawling through the Government's website and forums like this for assistance.

You can, of course, successfully manage your own application if you put the time into it and are confident in your reading of the guidance. If you prefer to do other things with your time, then an agent can make the whole process simple, stress-free and pretty painless.
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