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Doubt-what is e sponsorship form

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Hi all,
I have applied for 309/100 visa couple of months ago and provided the 40sp form(Sponsorship for a partner
to migrate to Australia) which was filled by my partner(Sponsor). Now i have received an IMMI request that to provide 'e-sponsorship form : Sponsorship by a partner to migrate to Australia'

Is the requested e-sponsorship form is same as the 40sp online form ? If no could you please explain me what is the e-sponsorship form and where can we get that?

Thanks in advance
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It is the sponsorship form you can lodge through your ImmiAccount (e 40 SP). Not sure why they want you to do one, unless paper form 40SP was provided after its use was discontinued.
Thank more small question..but they have not mentioned the form name(like 40sp,47sp)..they just asked for 'e-sponsorship form : Sponsorship by a partner to migrate to Australia'

Did they meant to say 40sp?
They meant the "sponsorship by a partner to migrate to Australia" online form, which is the electronic version of the old form 40SP.
Thank you so much for your prompt replies. It's helping me a lot.

Could you please help me by answering
Few more questions..

1.How can I contact my case officer?

2.What is the use of above enquiry form?Can we able to contact the assigned visa processing office/case officer through this?

3.what they meant by 'overseas post' in this application?
The overseas post is the post outside Australia where the application is being processed.

There is little point in trying to contact a case officer, as nowadays you may be dealing with different case officers during the process instead of one dedicated case officer. If they want something they will contact you. Any other information can be provided through ImmiAccount.

I don't know how the inquiry forms work. I have never used them.
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