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Education Manager NEC skill assessment or different choice ?

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Hi friends,

I have bachelor degree in Business Administration. And I have my own music education school for 4 years. I want apply to Vetasses for Education Manager NEC skill assessment.(ANZSCO 134499) I know my bachelor degree is not about education but my job title is one on one . Do you have any suggestion ? I read some posts negative skill assessment in Education Manager for bachelor Business Adminstration. Can I get positive skill assessment for this job ? Or choose another code according to my career. Thanks for your time.
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Can I get positive skill assessment for this job ?
From what you have posted, it does not look very promising.

Here is what is required:

An Education Manager plans, organises, directs, controls and
coordinates educational policy, and provides advice and
educational and administrative support to staff and students in
educational institutions (ANZSCO).
This occupation covers Education Managers which are not
elsewhere classified in ANZSCO. This occupation includes Project
Coordinator (Education), TAFE Registrar and University Registrar.
Highly relevant fields of study would be Educational Studies,
Teacher Education, and Educational Leadership and

May I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent for advice about what might be open to you?
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In this career, which occupation it's suitable for me ? For skill assessment

Bachelor of Business Administration (2014)
Bank Customer Representative in Call Center for 4 years (2008-2012)
Maintenance and repair electrician for 4 years (2014)
Office Clerk in Engineering (2015 .... ) with salary payroll
My Own Music Education School (2015 .....) with taxpayer
If you go to my website: and use the contact form I shall let you know what I nee to see to undertake a preliminary assessment of your visa prospects.
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