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eMedical referral letter: Confused.

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Hello guys I just have a quick question!

This afternoon, I have set an appointment for Bupa's Medical Exam next week. When I tried going to eMedical client login to get my referral letter from them, it took to my attention that my client visa details is showing as "BS 801 SPOUSE (PERMANENT)". I am worried as because the still applying for Subclass 820 (or Temporary partner visa) or well I think I applied for both at the same time.

I am pretty sure when I was applying for the emedical referral letter it only asked for my HAP ID, DOB, Last name. Then the next page it only asked for yes and no questions then I just declared for my answers. I can't recall them asking what type of visa that I am applying for.

===== This is what the immigration has even sent me for the checklist ===

Dear Camille lkasjdlksad

Request for more information for a Partner (Temporary) (class UK) (subclass 820) /
Partner (Residence) (class BS) (subclass 801) visa

Processing your application
More information is required to consider your visa application

The request checklist and detail attachment provides detailed descriptions of the information
required for each applicant.

Timeframe for response
You must respond to this request within 28 days after you are taken to have received this
letter. You should provide your response in writing.

Is this something that I have to worry about or let the immigration know?
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When you apply for the 820, you automatically apply for 801 at the same time.

This is normal, nothing to worry about :)
As Ramah said, completely normal with partner visas to show 801 or 100 (PR subclasses) on the medical referral letter.
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