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Require urgent assistant

My younger brother applied for MSA application(CDR Path) on 12/12/2017 as an Environmental Engineer. On Friday(23/03/2018) he received a correspondence and Assessor asked a question below.

To give recognition as an Environmental Engineer, we seek evidence of proper and sufficient underpinning knowledge in that discipline. To be suitable your qualifications would need to be in Environmental Engineering and your qualifications would need to include such subjects as Environmental Principles, Ecology & Sustainability, Materials & Energy Balances, Soil Mechanics, Applied Geotechnics, Water Resources Engineering, Water & Wastewater Engineering, Environmental Frameworks, Solid Wastes, Sustainable Infrastructure, Environmental Practice and Design.
Your qualifications are in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and do not support an assessment outcome of Environmental Engineer as there are no such subjects in your degrees' programs.

In these regards, the assessment outcome would be Engineering Technologist (ANZSCO No 233914) as you have not demonstrated the application of chemical engineering knowledge and skills in your chosen career episodes.

He completed his bachelors in Chemical Technology while mastress in Gas & Petroleum where most of the courses belong to Environmental Engineering which was asked by Assesor but with differnt names for example in course Chemical Process Industries he learned about "water and waste water engineering",during pursing MSc in Petroleum and Gas Engineering he completed "Geology, Exploration, Drilling & Production which covered basic concepts of Soil mechanics & properties and behaviour of soil as well as in-depth knowledge of Geo technical engineering design work and highlight complications that can arise from engineering production.

Could any one explain how to answer Assessor quires, we have very limited time and we need to reply till 30th March.
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