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Hi guys,

New to the forum, wanted to ask a few questions regarding partner visa applications. The evidence I have so far:

Forms 47SP, 40SP, 80 and 886 completed.
Marriage Certificate for partner
Divorce Registration Certificate for partner
ID paperwork, visa stamps, proof of permanent residency for partner

3 statutory declarations from Australian citizens
2 statutory declarations from my partner and I covering our relationship timeline & history, sharing of finances, sharing of domestic workload, emotional relationship, our commitment and our plans for the future.

Financial Aspects
Joint current account statements showing deposits from salaries and cash deposits and transactions for bills, rent, groceries, petrol, car servicing etc.
Joint credit card statements
NetBank printout showing access for both parties to all accounts

Nature of the Household
Statement regarding living arrangements and distribution of housework
Receipts from motel where we stayed for 2 weeks before securing rental property
Joint rental agreement and notification of upcoming property inspections
Joint water account, electricity account in partner's name at same address with bank statements showing payment from joint account.
Bank statements show groceries, petrol, car servicing etc. as before
Copies of Christmas cards from family and friends.

Social Context of the Relationship
Our three stat decs show very good social interaction
Photos of us at social functions with shared friends and family
Photos of us travelling to Katoomba, Wollongong, Canberra
Copies of passports showing visa stamps for joint travel to Thailand in 2010

Nature of Our Commitment
Stat decs include future plans to get married, have children etc.,
Combined affairs with joint accounts
Agreement to interview regarding each other's background, personal circumstances etc.
Copies of call history showing daily messages and calls to each other during period of separation before 12 months living together.
Copy of Valentines day card with flowers and tax invoice from last year.

Well, that's what we have. Any thoughts on whether or not such evidence will be considered sufficient??



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Looks like you have good evidence. The other thing i would include is some mail addressed to you both together and separately at the same address. You don't have to include much just one from the beginning of you living together, one in between and recent. Maybe some of your bank statements, invitations etc cover that so don't need to include extra. Even if you have a joint lease it's good to show you both actively live there.
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