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Hello !

I applied for EOI State Sponsorship 489 Southern Inland and have received a mail from the Department for INVITATION for FULL APPLICATION, does this mean, that my EOI has been approved, or does this mean that my EOI Application has entered the pool and still needs to be selected.

And few queries on Applying for the Full Application:

a. Signed Certified Copy.
Ans: Should the required documents, be Self Signed Certified Copies or should I get the documents Attested and Certified by a notary public.

b. Employment References outlining position/ duties.
Ans: Should I send and submit Original Copies or Certified and Attested photostat copies of the documents will be sufficient.

c. Certified Copies of Educational Qualifications and Academic Transcript.
Ans: Would I be required to send and submit all the educational qualifications including O Levels and A Levels or should educational qualifications of bachelors degree suffice.

d. Full Resume'.
Ans: Do I need to send and submit the complete Resume' or Resume' for the Occupation and the period nominated.

Can I please request for the opinion.

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