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Hi everyone,

I had graduated from Curtin University in Australia with the full-time course in Master of Architecture. I had done skill assessment with AACA for immigration purpose to work out my 485.

To date, I would like to start my EoI to attempt for PR application. However, when I look at Skill occupation list in homeaffairs, the skill assessment I did with AACA is for Architect occupation. I am a fresh graduated student and have not acquired architecture title yet. In my situation can I lodge my EoI with architect (232111) occupation and skill assessment done with AACA or I have to re-do my skill assessment with VETASSESS for Architectural Draftsperson (312111) occupation.

I want to lodge under Skilled Regional(Provisional) visa (489)

I had self calculated my point as follow:

Age: 30 points(I got my passport to show case my age)

IELTS (7.0 in all component): 10 points (I took the test on Feb 2017 so it would be still valid)

Partner skill qualification: 5 points (my partner also did skill assessment with ASC)

I had my aunt stay in Melbourne (she already is a citizen of Australia and she is my dad younger sister(biological sister)) so I may get 10 points from her.

Australia Study Requirement: 5 points (I study my master 2 years with the CRICOS course code: 058728C)

And point for qualification: 15 points (actually I am not so sure about this points, it said that I need a Bachelor degree to get 15 points.)

The situation would be in two cases:
- Master degree accepted: this is the best scenario for me I could claim 20 point in total with ease.

- Master degree is not accepted: in this case I have to use my Bachelor degree from other country will I still be-able to get 5 point Australia Study requirement above?

In brief, if I am able to claim all the point which I mentioned above I would have 75 points in total. Therefore, I hope I could claim all the points.

Thank you for your time reading my post, all of your opinion will be appreciated.
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