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Error on 40SP for 2nd Stage/801 Visa

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Hi, I have submitted my 47SP form online.
Then my partner was filling his 40SP(It didn't say stage 1 or 2).
However he couldn't fill the form then got the error on the page 4

"The related application details provided cannot be verified, check the details and amend if necessary. The applicant will not be able to continue and should review the eligibility information on our website."

All the information he wrote is correct.
Things we can think about are

  • we used the TFN from 47SP from stage 1. If we use TFN from 47SP from stage 2,
    we get an error message
    "Partner visas sponsors may be subject to sponsorship limitations if they:
    previously sponsored another partner applicant in the last 5 years
    previously sponsored 2 (or more) partners in their lifetime
    were granted a partner visa in the past 5 years
    hold a Women at risk visa (204) (for less than 5 years)
    hold a Contributory parent visa (for less than 5 years)"

    He hasn't sponsored any other people..

  • My partner passport is renewed. (after my 820 visa granted. just one month before I submitted my 47SP for 2nd stage.
    I used his new passport detail on 47SP for 801 Visa.

  • OR I was wondering if he DOENS'T NEED to fill 40SP again??

Please advise!:confused::confused::confused:
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I read the requirement for 801 on immigration website.
But haven't seen the instruction for 801...
I called immigration yesterday and the officer told me to email the form 929 to immigration. He didn't mention about We don't need 40SP form.
However I also read about sponsor passport detail is not really attached my application it won't cause the error issus..
So I got really confused..
Thanks for your help!
May I ask to send me the link of the URL??
Thank you for your reply.
Yeah I saw this. this is for docs. not mention about forms.
not mention about form 47SP which is required for stage 2.
It would be nice to confirm that 40SP is not required in 2nd stage on immigration website or something reliable source.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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