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Hi folks,
I have been trying to lodge off shore 309/100 for my wife but I get the below error at 4th step / page , no matter from whom account I try to proceed first.

"The applicant is unable to continue this application as the related application details cannot be confirmed. The applicant may wish to review the information entered in this application prior to continuing."

I am a permanent Resident, living in Australia. I will be extremely grateful if anyone can help me with the following queries ?

1. Who needs to go first, me or my wife in terms of applying from immi account ? and which visa application type I should choose ?

a. Sponsorship for Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia (300,309/100,820/801)

b. Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801)

2. Which TRN/Application ID I need to use ? The one which got me visa when I got my PR 3 years ago or the one which portal generates at the beginning of application ?

3. I have read people talking about paying visa fees before proceeding , How do you manage payments before passing this page 4 error ? I am ready to do that but can anyone point me towards that ?

Its so frustrating and I can't find the right info anywhere, the department helpline doesn't respond even after 30 mins hold time. I will appreciate if any of you is starting to file the visa at this stage or recently did .

Thanks in advance, folks
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