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Eternal temporary partner visa questions

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Ok, so my partner and I are beginning our partner visa application...we had a consultation with a migration agent and it’s a tempting offer. I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for agencies? Have been doing some research, but there are quite a few.

Secondly, in the meeting we were told we would be offered samples of fully informative statements, just for a general idea of what we would there any way to find something like that online or to receive successful samples on here? Not sure if I’m even allowed to ask that, but you don’t know until you try.

Thanks ahead of time!
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There is a sticky thread "Registered Migration Agents" they are all good.

Samples is not a good idea, they are not permitted here.
Excellent, I will check that out!

My apologies...won't happen again.
It's fine I only know because I posted some "to help" years ago, they got removed and I got a message as to why.

As individual as possible for statements, points to it not being a fake. Common templates get a very close look.
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