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I'm new to this forum. I arrived in Australia in early Jan on a 417 WH Visa. I submitted an 820 Partner Visa application online a couple of days ago (after several days of intensive admin) and have been granted a Bridging Visa A.

I've also been offered a job - with a possible start date in March after a couple of months traveling round Oz. The job is potentially permanent, and I'm trying to work out if I can definitely extend the working restrictions on my 417 visa?

Form 1445 says you can request an extension if you've applied for an 820 and you've been granted a Bridging Visa (tick), but it also says: "where permission is granted, it will generally be for a short period of time (days or weeks, not months)".

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience applying for a 1445 extension for more than a few weeks? My six months would take me to mid September and I would need to extend to early January.

We front-loaded our 820 application but I'm just assuming it won't have gone anywhere by then.

Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated! This stuff is a total maze. Cheers!
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