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Hi everyone,
My first post on this forum and hoping to get an answer of my query - if you can please.

Sorry if it's posted elsewhere as I searched and couldn't find the answer.

Me and my wife are permanent resident and living here since last five years. My wife is expecting a baby in November. I am in the process of preparing to bring my Aunt to Australia on a Visitor Visa (sponsored family stream) for 12 months.

My Aunt have a daughter of 9 years age and she can't leave her alone back in the home country. I am being a nephew can sponsor my aunt and I have identity documents to support it.

But my Question is , My Aunt's daughter (which is my cousin) is not on the list who can be sponsored for the visitor visa. As condition says:

"The sponsor must also be one of the following:

a relative (partner, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or the 'step' or adopted equivalent of any of these)"

Could you please guide me if I can apply for "Sponsored Family stream of the Visitor visa (subclass 600)" for both of them ? Or I can only apply for my Aunt and have to apply another visa (like tourist visa) for my 9 year old cousin.

Thank you very much in advance for a quick reply.

Appreciate if you could share your experience for the same kind of situation.

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