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Fiance (subclass 300) & Partner (subclass 820) visas | How to get PR &Aus Citizenship

Hello everyone,

My fiance and I have been applying for the Fiance visa (Prospective marriage visa, subclass 300), since Jul 2017, and now still waiting for the results.

We have been in a long distance relationship for 4 years. Getting this fiance visa granted is the only way we can do to be together forever. Unfortunately, we are using an Immigration lawyer, with the cost of $5,000 for the service, but after a few months since we started our application with this lawyer, we have realized this one is not as helpful as we thought. We are hopeless to seek some help from this lawyer, that's why we are here, typing this post with a hope that we can get some useful answers from you guys about our concerns and current issues related to our visas.

1. About our fiance visa (Prospective spouse 300), we didn't sign and date our statements of relationship, (as we didn't get any precise instruction from our lawyer), so will this be a problem? Do we have to print these statements out then sign and date them? If yes, we need to upload this onto our Immi Account again, will this make our application look messy and overlap the info?

2. After my fiance visa (s.class 300) is granted, what should we do to apply for our partner (s.class 820) visa? As our understanding, we have to get married within 9 months since the fiance visa (s.class 300) is granted. Then we can upload our marriage certificate on to our Immi account for processing the partner visa (subclass 820)? Is there any of you have experience in this? If yes, we would be very grateful if you can give us:
- a "step-by-step guideline" to get our Partner visa (s.class 820) application completed online.
- a list of things and paperwork we have to prepare and provide to support and complete this application.
- some tips and advice we should follow to shorten the waiting time of
getting this visa granted.
- some info related to the process of this visa:
+how long this partner visa (s.c 820) will take to be granted?;
+is there any reason causes the visa's failure?
+if this visa is rejected, what should we do to against this decision from the Immi Dept.?

3. After this partner visa (subclass 820) is granted, what are the next steps we should do to:
- get the permanent residency visa for my wife
- get the Australian citizenship for my wife

If you have experience in these things, please share with us. We would be extremely grateful for that. We truly hope we can get some clear answers from you guys. We were thinking of getting some help from the lawyers, but now we know we shouldn't do it, as we tried with two lawyers, and none of them was really helpful or professional in our cases. We paid them a lot but got nothing much from them. Every time we sent or received emails to or from the lawyers, we had to pay a lot: $20 for sending an email, and another $20 for receiving an email. Most of the time, they sent us email with useless info and never answered our questions fully. In stead of helping us with their "hassle-free" service, they made us waste a lot of time and money... We are so sad and disappointed about this...

Therefore, any help from you guys would be truly appreciated.
Being in a long distance relationship is just killing us...
We believe, with your useful help and advice, the day we are being together won't be too far...

Thank you so much for your time and help.
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