Deciding on moving to a foreign land is just the first step of a long journey you and your family would take. The next matter you would need to consider is finding where to set up residence in which country you are trying to immigrate to . The recent technological advances have allowed individuals to access loads of information on the needs, requirements and other matters that others have faced when they decided to move to another country .

The best teacher is still experience. To be able truly understand a country you would need to set your feet on its soil. To be able to make a decision, you need to compare and contrast the different countries and find which is best suited to your needs and requirements.

There are many discussions on many threads throughout the Internet as to the travels of many people have shared their thoughts and ideas on the delights that countries offer. This way is much more efficient and cost effective instead of actually packing your bags and going on a transoceanic flight. Do keep a watchful eye on these posts though as different people have different temperaments and tastes while other posts need to be taken with a grain of salt. All in all, these posts can give you a general idea of what you will encounter as you step off the plane.

Background to the post

Many discussion thread promoters open the post with a plan to travel to as many countries around the world as cheaply as possible to be able to get a true picture of the different locales in the countries he would be able to travel to. The thread asked its members to provide advice from others who have been in different countries so that he can be better prepared before undertaking the travel. As members put in their two cents worth, these threads have grown into wellsprings of advice as interesting comments and suggestions have been shared that prove useful for others in real life.

Where to visit

The world has a thousand and one places to go to and you need to be quite lucky to find a country where you find best suited to your needs and temperament. There have been suggestions that South America , with its exotic locales and beautiful tourist destinations, is one of the best places to immigrate to in the future. Aside from what the country offers, other nearby countries offer other enjoyable delights within easy traveling distance. You do need to look into what South America offers before setting up your shingles there as the continent may not be to your liking in the long run.

Another favorite jaunt for backpackers and tourists is Europe. Often, people between jobs or taking a break from studies take this journey of self-discovery. The best part of traveling through Europe is your chance to travel to many countries in a short span of time and thus be able to sample the many culinary and cultural delights each country offers. Also, you can easily immerse yourself in the many countries, experiencing the different living standards and languages of each country in your itinerary. With the strengthening of the European Union, Europe has become a "super state" but with individual countries with their peculiar distinctions making up a truly rich and diverse whole.

Another popular discussion is travel to Australia. This continent down under offers a vibrant economy, banging tourist destinations and a diverse landscape offering every kind of fun under the sun. Once said to be the best kept secret in the tourist industry, the beaches of Australia is now teeming with tourists and adventurers seeking to soak up the Ozzie way of life.

Traveling around the world

The technological advances have made traveling around the world much easier for everyone. Also, the growing popularity of budget airlines has opened up travel to visit locales that were considered as inaccessible a few decades ago. The phenomenon of budget travel around the world's flag carriers has made cross-country travel much easier for all at a much lower cost.

Another post suggested that driving to your next destination is the way to go. Taking the open road on motorways and autobahns would be the true testament to experiencing the country you are traveling in and overseas living. The main drawback to this kind of travel though is the availability of funds to finance one's travel as you need to have travel cash together with the need for living expenses to maintain yourself in a reasonable condition as you travel.

Financing your journey

Traveling around the world requires that you have one of two things: deep pockets with lots of ready cash or the know how to find jobs to finance your trip. The travel would certainly be enriching but you need to be able to have the cash to pay for the mundane matters such as ticket costs, meals and accommodations. Running out of money in some exotic locale thousands of miles from your home country is one of the greatest risks an individual can face when traveling around the globe.

Many have, in order to make ends meet, opted to take on "odd jobs" or temporary positions in order to save money to finance their flights of fancy. This though has become more difficult with the onset of the worldwide financial crisis, making it hard for people to find work to earn cash.

Wherever I lay my hat is my home

Moving from one country to another and the freedom to stay in a particular country for a reasonable period of time is something that attracts many people to pack their bags and catch the next flight out of their country. When one travels to as many countries, one can truly sample the culture and customs of the country. From there, one can find the country best suited for one's temperament and tastes. This can lead you down the road to making a decision on which country to set as your new homeland. Do remember to put in a journal the specifics of your journey so that later you can have the necessary facts in making a decision. Memories can easily be replaced with new experiences and thus you need to have a journal in which to memorialize your journey.


Life on the open road is the pinnacle of living life as an adventure. With this freedom come a lot of risks so keeping safe at all times is a paramount concern. A little paranoia helps so it is best that you do your research before venturing into the wide expanse of road before you. With your knowledge, you can best avoid areas that are potentially dangerous.

You also need to be accessible at all times. The simplest way is to have a mobile phone or global positioning system with you at all times. If you want to reach out and talk to your loved ones, having access to the Internet is the easiest and cheapest way for you while on the road.


Hitting the open road as well as immersing yourself in different countries has attracted many people throughout the world, there are a lot of factors to consider before undertaking this life changing and enriching experience. These important aspects of your travel you need to prepare for your financial well-being, personal safety, itinerary, accommodations and mode of travel. You need to be on top of these things each day you are traveling as one small mistake can cause you quite a large problem in the long run.

Even with the many issues you need to consider, the urge to explore the world still provides many eye opening experiences to the individual. The different countries, diverse cultures, various cuisines and exotic locales provide many enriching experiences to the individual. Your travel can help you make that ultimate decision in choosing a country that is best suited for your taste, temperament and future.