The state of Victoria experienced severe storms resulting in massive flooding in the adjacent areas of Australia's second most populous state.

According to emergency services, "Victoria has seen continued severe weather across the state and we are now seeing the result of the heavy rainfall events with major flooding and in some cases evacuations in some townships."

The identified towns flooded were Euroa, Benalla and Myrtleford, all of which have been evacuated due to rising waters. There has been no monetary value estimated for the damage due to the disaster, but residents can avail of hardship grants and emergency assistance grants. According to Victoria Premier John Brumby, individuals can seek up to a total of Aus$27,000.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued inclement weather and flood warnings throughout the state. In other parts of the country, Melbourne is forecasted to have scattered rain showers and thunderstorms.

The floods in the state of Victoria are the worst in fifteen years. The Goulborn River in Shepparton area in the state has been rising slowly with an expected peak of eleven meters. The rise in waters stands to submerge about sixty homes in the area, with up to 200 individuals in danger.

Residents of Wangratta said they were prepared for the rising waters. "We've seen floods like this before, we've seen them worse so there's been a lot of preparation and a lot of warning this time where we haven't had that in the past," according to Sarah, a long time resident and town hotel manager.

"The water has probably risen not as high as we've seen it but it's still pretty bad, a lot of the parks are under and there was a risk of it getting into a few houses overnight."

Over at Queensland, over 3,000 individuals were stranded in the town of Birdsville. The main roads were closed because of rising floodwaters. Extra food supplies for the residents have been flown in but may still await for the roads to open. It may take a few days as the eastern main road and north road still would be inspected for damage and repairs.

"We will open them as soon as we can provided they are safe to travel, generally people are pretty happy. That said I know that a lot of people are really keen to get home and get back to their jobs."