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Form 1221 question 34

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I have recently submitted the application for subclass 485 (Post-Study Work stream), and was asked to complete and attach Form 1221. I have a question regarding Q34 in Form 1221. Can someone please help with this? Thanks so much!

Q 34 Part I – Details of your journey to Australia

Only complete the section(s) relevant to you
If you: have applied for a
1.Visitor visa
2.Business visa
3.Migration visa
4. are a student

My question is should I consider myself as a student still (even I have applied for 485 visa I'm still currently on student visa) which leads me to choose the fourth one, or if I should be choosing one of the first three because I have submitted application for 485, i wonder which one of these three types I should choose (since visa 485 is classified as a working visa and isn't any of them…).

Thanks again.
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