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Hi all, hope you all are doing well.
I was just wondering if anybody has gotten their extension granted for their working holiday visa 417 after submitting from 1445 and letter of support from their employer around late July.

I have sent in the employment extension form 1445 with letter of support to the e.Visa.WHM.Helpdesk on 25th of July 2018, which is 2.5 weeks’ advance. I had automated response after I have sent the email.

However, when I called the department a week after, they said they couldn’t see anything on the system and suggested to send the documents to, as they said they don’t monitor the email that I have sent to. This was sent on the 6th of August.

And when I called again couple of days after, they said they have not received anything yet. Then further advised me to send to gsm.allocated, which I have done 23rd of August 2018.

I have sent numerous emails to the email addresses that I sent these form to and uploaded extension form on immiaccount as well. I also have been calling them everyday for last 3 weeks, which wasn't useful as all the agents asked me to just wait.

It has been almost 6 weeks since I submitted the form and I have not been getting any emails or information about how the process is going. I am waiting for an outcome for 190 visa (S.A. nomination), which I applied late June, so I do meet the criteria for the grant, but it is just frustrating.

Anybody got their extension grated?
Or any recommendations that I should do further.
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