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TLDR: I supplied inaccurate information in my student visa application. The student visa was granted and has expired. I am now applying for a 485 visa and don't want to give the wrong information again. Can I still have the information in my student visa amended?

OK here's my problem.

My student visa expired a month ago and I am now on a BVA while my 485 visa application is pending.

I was filling up my Form 80 for my 485 application when I discovered that in my student visa application, I answered that I was still employed as at January 2018, when I lodged the application. In fact, I had already resigned from my employment by the start of November 2017 (I went on a long holiday before flying to Australia). To be clear, in the draft form I gave to the agent, I indicated that I had already resigned by then. The agent must must have been confused when he filled up the actual form because my certificate of employment, which I gave him some months prior to lodging, said I was still employed. As at the date of that document (August 2017), that was correct.

Now, the problem if I submit my Form 80 now, with the accurate information, it would not be compatible with the information I provided in my student visa application.

Would it be possible for me to correct the information for my student visa application, even if the visa has already been granted and has expired? I don't want to give inaccurate information again in my 485 application as I feel like this would do more harm than good in the long run.
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