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I was being granted the PR directly back in 2014 and moved to Australia from Pakistan.
My Wife n 1 Kids was not migrated with me at that time nor included in migration process.I have 2 kids now one of age 6 and other of age 4 still living in Pakistan.
Now i have applied for partner visa 309,100 including both my kids and need some information.
In the documents list shown in immigration website, i can see that FORM-80 is also available which is shown as recommended.I am wondering if i had to provide Form-80 for my both Kids and they are of age 6 and 4????

Q2: As i was moved to australia back in 2014 and my family was in pakistan so do i had to mention it as separation or gap between relationship?

Q3: As my wife was financially dependant on me so i used to send her money every month or sooner.Sometime i send it using Western-Union on my brother's name who give her money for living expense and from last year i started to send money directly on her name but every month i do make a Notepad list to mention all the expense for which that money being sent.I am maintaining those lists since 4 years,
We don't have any common asset or property nor on my name , also my family living on rent in Pakistan and lease is on my younger brother name.In Pakistan, the household bills remains on the name of Actual landlord rather than the tenant but the paid bills can be made available.
How do prove the Financial and household aspects of relationship?

Q4: I am being married for 7 years and back at that time we were not expecting that one day we will move to australia, so while we celebrated our marriage , we never preserve any receipt of wedding expenses etc.
Also not the tickets of any flight together etc.So how to prove the Social and Household aspect of relation?

I may sound more confused at the moment but i have idea that if married for 7 years and have 2 biological kids, it doesn't really matter to prove everything like in DeFacto or other relationship.
Please gimme your valuable suggestion?
I am also open for any questions if anyone need to know anything.
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