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Form 80 Forgot address history

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Hi guys, I am working with my fiancé to get the form 80 completed. My fiancé doesn't recall the exact address for the previous 10 years. Her family members also have no idea what her exact address history is either. She has no documents that she can find that would have her address on them, and we have exhausted all options of trying to find her exact addresses over the past 10 years. The best we can do is get the year and suburb that she was living in. We can't even nail down the exact month. There are a total of 6 houses that she has stayed in, in the past 10 years, and the most recent she has been at since 2015. I'm hoping that since we know the exact address, and that she has lived there for almost 10 years anyway, that would be enough? Does anyone else know what to do in this situation? Do you actually NEED the exact address for each house lived in?
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No, you don't.
For most applications the most recent address is enough.
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