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Form 80 Question 33

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Anyone had this issue? Form 80 Question 33

Hello everyone! :)

I'm a bit confused about this question ''Do you have any other addresses in Australia that have not been
declared at Question 17?''

Sometimes I did some trips (holidays or visiting places) for a few days. Do I need to write those addresses as well? Or just the places I lived longer(residential address).

For example, the residential address is in Melbourne and this year in May I went for a 6 days holiday in Cairns. Do I need to write this address as well?


In 2016 I lived in New Zealand and I came to visit Australia for 3 weeks, and I stayed in different hostels. Should I mention those addresses as well?

Thank you,

Have a great day!
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Places that you called "home" and listed as your address for things such as a Drivers Licence or your mail.
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