A new free mobile app has been launched in Australia that allows visa holders to check their visa information anywhere, anytime, available for Android and Apple devices.

The myVEVO app aims to make it easier for students to check their study and working rights, for travellers to access important information and for all visa holders to protect themselves for unscrupulous job offers and fraud.

smartphoneAccording to Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Michaelia Cash, the app offers a range of benefits such as the ability for visa holders to access important visa information, including their visa start and expiry dates, visa status and visa conditions.

"The myVEVO app will be incredibly helpful for not only the visa holders themselves, but also for employers who seek to verify work right entitlements quickly and easily," said Cash, adding that one feature that will greatly assist employers is a function where an email is automatically generated to a third party from the Department, providing legitimate evidence of someone's visa conditions and how many hours they are permitted work.

"Given the widespread use of smartphones in today's age, the myVEVO app is an appropriate tool for quick and easy verification of a visa holder's work rights. Students can use the app to check their study rights and email visa details directly to their education provider while work and holiday visa holders can confirm with an employer their ability to work with ease, said Cash.

She pointed out that the app is another way visa holders can protect themselves from unscrupulous operators, including labour hire companies who have misrepresented clients in the past by providing false information about visa entitlements and charging inappropriate fees.

It also complements the existing Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service that can be accessed on the Department's website. The app also stores a user's visa and passport credentials after the first login, making it simpler and faster to use.

Cash said that the app launch is in line with the Government's digital transformation agenda, to develop digital services that are simpler, faster and easier to use.