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So yesterday my husband (the sponsor) got an email asking for further information for my partner visa application, I'm his wife and the main applicant. Specifically this is what they requested of us:

1. Sponsor – Character requirements
Your sponsor must provide a police certificate from each country in which they have lived for a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years. The 12 months are calculated cumulatively, not consecutively. Country-specific instructions on how to obtain a police certificate is at

2. Sponsor – Character requirements – Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police Check
Your sponsor needs to obtain an AFP National Police Certificate by completing a National Police Check application form. The application form is available on the AFP website

Use Code 33 - 'Immigration/Citizenship - Australia' - for the supply to the Department of Home Affairs on the application form.

We arent sure how to proceed as it feels as if they're asking for police checks from other countries when my husband has not lived cumulatively for 12 months in any other country except Australia in the last 10 years...
To our knowledge, CUMULATIVELY my husband has lived in/visited two different countries in Europe in the last 10 years which are:
France: 11 months cumulatively (335 days)
Spain: 11 months cumulatively (325 days)

Is it because they are both in Europe that they consider it together? Is it because it is close to 12 months in each? Should we get police checks from Spain AND France? help..? (((( Getting police clearance certificates from Spain is.. well..crazy.. and oh boy if that is the case... ))))

Also, we actually already provided a NPC for my husband from March 2022 (it was an NPC we had handy from a different request/reason), meaning it wasn't requested with the code 33 as specified here. I thought it should still be valid but who knows... Should I just request a new one with code 33?

We only have 28 days to get this sorted..
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