The ruling Labor Party in the Australian parliament voted no confidence in the government of Kevin Rudd and within the same day elected the first lady Prime Minister of Australia. Within twelve hours of the vote ousting Rudd, Julia Gillard was elected leader of the country much to the surprise of both insiders and common folk Down Under.

The revolt was fueled by the continued impasse between the big mining firms in the country and the government over a proposed tax measure over the so-called "super profits" from mining products sales from China and India. There has been an advertising battle between the Rudd Government and one of the largest mining companies in the world, BHP-Billiton.

In her first statement, Gillard said that, "her government is willing to negotiate on the proposed tax." She added, "I have said to the mining companies of this nation publicly that the government is opening its door and we are asking them to open their minds."

Another issue that beset the previous government was the emission-trading scheme where polluters would be required to buy and trade permits for each ton of gaseous carbon produced in their factories. To this, the newly installed prime minister stated she would seek a consensus on the pricing of these waste products.

Upon learning of his replacement, the former Prime Minister gave his final speech saying that one of the first acts his government put into law was the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction of greenhouse gas byproducts. Rudd is considered as a hero in Labor Party politics, leading the party to the ruling majority after being its opposition leader for eleven years. As a final word, he said he would contest the election and continue to serve the government in any manner that he can be of assistance.

The newly installed Prime Minister, Julia Gillard was born in Barry, Wales back in 1961. She is the second daughter of immigrants to Adelaide, a family in search of warmer climes due to her lung condition. From there, she went on to become a successful lawyer and then became a member of the Adelaide State government political staff. Since becoming part of the Parliament, Ms. Gillard has become one of the stalwarts of the Rudd government, eventually becoming the Deputy Prime Minister.

Criticism are now surfacing against the new PM, many saying she is unsuitable to lead since she is childless and therefore does not know the common Australian's ails and issues. In response, Ms Gillard has appointed Mr. Wayne Swan as the new Deputy Prime Minister together with his current responsibility as both Finance and Treasury Ministry posts. The two were sworn in before Australia's first female governor-general, Quentin Bryce.