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I am an Australian citizen and my girlfriend wants to visit me for the first time during summer for few month. We are not at a stage in our relationship for one of us to move permanently and apply for a de facto visa either here or in Europe and we want to take things slow and see how things go naturally but we have hit the first hurdle when she applied for a simple eVisitor visa few days ago.

After submitting her application DIBP has asked more information that we need to submit in 7 days:

1.A declaration explaining your purpose for travelling to Australia;
2.Your proposed itinerary and dates of travel to and from Australia;
3.A description of the activities you plan to undertake during your intended period of stay in Australia;
4.Your Australian contacts: name/dob/relationship/address and telephone numbers;
5.Do you intend lodging any further visa application in Australia? If so, for what purpose?
6.A statement about your intentions after departure from Australia (for example, continue to travel or return to usual country of residence);
7.If you are Self Employed; Evidence of your self-employed status, including a certificate of business registration and tax records for the past two (2) financial years;
8.Your company’s bank statements showing the name of the account holder, all transactions for the past three (3) months and the final balance of the accounts (name and recent date must be included on the statements);

We were wondering how to answer for few of those questions specially 4, 5 and 7.

Should she state that I am her boyfriend or just saying friend is enough? If she says friend and we decide later to apply for defacto can we include the period before this application in our relationship? If she says boyfriend would that raise any red flag that would cause her visa get rejected?

What should be the answer for 5? Honestly it's a Maybe, her plans is to just stay for few month and go back at this point because she has her business back home but we might want to extend her stay for a bit longer.

She is self employed but has only tax records for 1 year as previous years tax has been paid by companies who hired her as a freelancer.

If anybody had a similar experience or have information regarding this I would really appreciate your help. We just don't wanna file something and fall into more problems with immigration now or in the future.

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