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Global Visa Processing Times - 11 to 16 months for Partner Visa

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Hi All
Just checked my IMMI Account and noticed a few updates. It now actually tells you the processing time which is currently 11 to 16 months for a Partner Visa. Again I am not sure what the UK and Europe processing times are but it does say to upload all the relevant documents. I am not sure if that is something to go by. I am just waiting on my wife's Police check which should come through tomorrow.
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For clarity that is the SC 309 being referred to above.

First number is 75% of applications processed by (in months), second number is 90% of applications processed by (in months).

18-25 for 820
16-22 for 801

11-16 for 309
19-32 for 100
Estimated processing time for 820 in ImmiAccount now shows 20 - 25 months :(
That's literally changed in the last hour, if they keep changing it at that rate nothing will ever get granted.
Few months ago I was laughing at the estimated processing time for the parent visa 103 (30 years!) but it looks like soon enough the partner visas won't be far off that :D
At least when it's granted it will go straight to permanent :D
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