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Got married on a student visa

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So I got married to a permanent visa holder recently in Australia and im on a student visa which is valid for the next 3 years. I am applying for spousal visa and wanted to know
1) how long will it take for me to get my new visa, and will i straight apply for a PR visa or do I need a bridging visa first.
2) what happens to my student visa .
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Have you read the 820/801 visa website? It explains all of this in detail.

Being married means nothing if you don't have the relationship evidence required for the visa. It certainly won't let you jump straight to PR.

If you're applying for the 820/801, current processing times are 75% in 17 months and 90% in 24 months for the temporary stage. Two years after applying, you're eligible for stage 2 which current wait times are 75% in 16 months and 90% in 21 months and that wait time is from the eligibility date (2 years after application) and would likely not be the same by the time you reach that point.

An 820/801 application would automatically grant a BVA with full work rights but that won't go into effect until the student visa ceases. So you need to maintain the student visa and abide by its conditions until it ends and the BVA kicks in. Cancel th the student visa, the BVA tied to it gets cancelled as well.

There are probably other options in there somewhere. Best to hire a professional if you want to know what options are available in your particular situation.
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The temporary partner visa will take 12 to 24 months to process and, if granted, will replace your student visa.

The permanent visa may take another 12 months after that.

Meantime you have to continue to abide by your student visa conditions.

Getting married is quite a significant event. I would have thought you would have researched the visa requirements prior to making such a commitment.
Students who apply for a partner visa can expect to have their claims thoroughly examined.
Thanks for your response.
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