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I have noticed this forum when trawling the internet to find info to clarify my visa situation.
The forum looks very inviting, everyone makes a very friendly impression so I decided to drop a line.
I have searched threads in the forum; however, was no able to find information that seemed 100% relevant to my situation.

A brief description (jump to last point if too long):
1. I have been granted subclass 100 visa in Feb 2020 (I have been outside Australia for the whole application process)
2. I have not traveled to Australia yet due to Covid restrictions. I received an extension to my first entry date.
3. My wife (sponsor) and our little one flew to Australia in March 2021 (we have always planned to move to Australia).
4. I have stayed behind to sell our flat, car and due to work commitments.
5. Our relationship was a bit strained and the current distance between us is not helping things.
6. I would like to know if as a holder of subclass 100 visa I am dependent on my sponsor to enter and live in Australia?

I would appreciate if someone can point me to a relevant discussion or answer directly.
Thank you,
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