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My name is Richard and I am currently looking to better myself by finding work in Australia. I would love the opportunity to find some work out there as I have so much to give, but the UK is not giving me the chances. I am skilled in bricklaying, painting and decorating, and carpentry. I would love to get some work mining, or engineering and start a new career. I currently work as a manager in retail, but would like to see the world and start my life again. I have done some research, but seem to always come up short on the vital information. I could really do with some solid advice on WHERE to look, and which places to consider. I would take ANY work available, and make my moves from then on. So my questions if anyone can please help;

1. What do I need. I know I can apply for a visa, but does anyone know companies employing, sponsor me for work which would be better, or anything along those lines.

2. Can I literally find work, fly out, and begin? Or is there more to it than that?

3. I have my passport, no ties back at home, but do I need to tell my doctor so I can get jabs, or anything like that?

Thank you for reading this and I will definitely appreciate anything you can tell me. I really want to get started at the beginning of 2013, so if I can get everything sorted now, it'd be great!

Thanks, Richard.
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